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ZMF Bokeh Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone
  • ZMF Bokeh Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone

    [BOH-kay] [BOW-kuh] is ZMF's closed, semi-portable, easy-to-drive, 80-ohm closed-back headphone. It incorporates trickle-down acoustic technology and the form factor from the rest of the ZMF line.

    The BOKEH blurs the line between convenience and mainframe bliss. It immerses you in a world away from the outside, delivering spaciousness through our patented Atrium Damping System. The BOKEH lets you focus on your needs with an easily propelled driver that scales with amplification. Affordable, sonically malleable, isolating, elegant, and comfortable, the BOKEH can be your gateway to the rest of ZMF or the one-and-done endgame for a high-end casual audiophile.

    Currently, the stock wood for the BOKEH is Black Limba stained a dark Claret (rubied) color, appearance will vary.

    Impedance: 80 Ohms
    Driver: LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer)
    Weight: 480g ±30g
    Sensitivity: ~103dB/mW

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