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ZMF Caldera Planar Magnetic Headphone

ZMF Caldera Planar Magnetic Headphone

Caldera is a type of massive volcano - we are using the Volcano theme because the new CAMS (caldera Asymmetrical Magnet structure) Patent Pending Magnet structure is shaped like a volcano/mountain on one side. This shape allows air to naturally spread out, and maintains a slightly asymmetric magnet force that makes the membrane more nodal, pushing a massive amount of air towards the ear and diffusing it at the same time. In concert with the also Patent Pending Atrium damping system which is also used on the Caldera, you get a linear frequency response, with a massive amount of punch, weight, and natural tones that ZMF is known for for the listener.

Aside from the new tech, we have a new earpad design for the Caldera, with what we will probably call Caldera Pads, which have a "fluting" from a smaller size on the driver size, to a larger size on the ear side. It's similar to the shape of the Audeze pads on the LCD 5, but will be more "flat" on the ear side like a volcano, This pad shape enables sound to retain air pressure on the baffle/headphone side, and for the ear cavity to still feel very open naturally. We will have three depths of these pads, and also will introduce Cowhide into one version of them, as cowhide pads can work brilliantly with planars.

The Caldera has an 80mm driver size, impedance is 65 ohms, Sensitivity is 95 dB/Mw. The baffle is made from true carbon fiber for weight, and has the asymmetrical magnets facing the front of the membrane, although different configurations could be used if warranted.

Impedance: 65 Ohms
Driver: 2 um thick Planar Magnetic with CAMS Patent Pending technology
Weight: 480-510g
Sensitivity: ~95dB/mW

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