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ZMF Eikon Headphone

ZMF Eikon Headphone

An Eikon can be an image of the imagination,a dream. For years I had wanted to make a wood headphone from scratch. Finally with the ZMF Eikon, our first proprietary wood headphone, that dream is realized. Starting back in 2010 with closed t50rp modifications, I cut my teeth figuring out how to properly damp closed headphones. In developing the Eikon, I took that knowledge and applied it to our wood cup design, creating a closed headphone that won’t make you miss your open-backed counterparts.

  • Specification

    •   Frequency Response: Approximately 10 Hz to 25 KHZ

    •   Impedance: 300 Ohms

    •   Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW (Auteur) 98 dB/mW (Eikon)

    •   Weight (est.): 530g (Eikon)

    •   Pads: Eikon Pads (Eikon)

    •   Case: Seahorse SE 340

  • Features

    The auteur and Eikon feature our custom ZMF Biocellulose driver. This driver delivers the world’s first open, high impedance, biocellulose headphone design. The Eikon conveys the legendary ZMF biocelluse sound, with 24 dB of noise isolation.


    As the perfect complement to each other, the auteur and Eikon take an engaging musical tilt with a hint of neutrality and great extension. You won’t get bored or fatigued, but you won’t miss anything from your music, either.


    Both lightweight and utilizing our signature “double headband,” you’ll always wear the auteur and Eikon comfortably. The weight of Limited Editions will vary based on the wood offered.


    Inspired by French stained glass, the auteur’s grille and overall aesthetic is timeless and intriguing. With our limited series, be on the look-out for exciting runs using different metals and woods.

12 weeks waiting until ready stock
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