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ZMF Vérité Headphone

ZMF Vérité Headphone

Vérité is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. With the Vérité, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio. With the utmost speed, accuracy, and heightened dynamic range, the Vérité will immerse the listener in a truly revealing audio Eden. Employing an all new Beryllium coated PEN driver unique to ZMF, a featherweight magnesium chassis, and our most complex acoustic design yet, the Vérité gives you everything you’ve ever wanted from an open, full sized headphone.

  • Specification

    Vérité Specs


    •   Frequency Response: Approximately 10 Hz to 25 KHZ

    •   Impedance: 300 Ohms

    •   Sensitivity: 99 dB/mW

    •   Weight (est.): 430g (silk wood)

    •   Pads: Verite and Universe Pads

    •   Case: ZMF LTD Mahogany

  • Features

    Ultra-thin PEN driver vapor deposed with 20% Beryllium by thickness. This process yields a stiff driver that delivers ultra fast, planar-like sound, with dynamic punch and natural timbre.


    The Vérité utilizes side porting for added 3 dimensionality in the acoustic image. This new design provides a natural, deep, rounded stage, without accentuating any single dimension.


    Our new Magnesium chassis reduces weight by 33 grams per headphone, allowing us to offer our lightest design to date, at approximately 430 grams.


    By angling the driver slightly outwards (away from the ear) we increase natural resonances for a more “room” like sound.  This carefully-tuned angle allows the Vérité to combine dimensionality, speed and decay for a true “audio Vérité” experience.

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