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ZMF Verite Closed Berylium Driver Stabilized Wood Ltd Headphone

ZMF Verite Closed Berylium Driver Stabilized Wood Ltd Headphone

Note: warna kayu tidak mengikat tergantung pilihan saat pemesanan.

Vérité [veri’tā] is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth.

The Vérité closed headphone creates a wider/deeper sound than traditional closed-back headphones with our unique damping system and acoustic design, while retaining all the characteristics owners love from the Vérité Open.

Utilizing airflow porting for the construction of three-dimensional soundscapes of the acoustic image, our designs provide a natural, deep, and rounded stage without accentuating any single dimension. Enjoy your own personal audio Vérité.

Stabilized wood is a magical entity. The wood we used for this special run started its life as a maple tree that unfortunately acquired an infection. After infected - trees form “scabs” called burls in order to protect the rest of the tree when this happens, which causes the grains to intertwine, in effect closing this area of the tree to the greater circulatory system.

This creates abnormally beautiful wood, but also wood that has figuring, voids, and gaps. These burls can be seen to the naked eye, and cut off the tree while allowing the rest of the tree to grow healthily. Once harvested though, all these voids can make the wood hard to use without stabilization.

Fortunately for us, it can then be stabilized and made into beautiful headphones!

Before the wood is machined into a headphone, the wood is cut to precise sized blocks and carefully dried to near zero percent humidity and then injected in a pressurized chamber with a special resin. The resin, not only beautifies the wood, but solidifies any of those gaps that would otherwise crumble when being machined.

All this work to procure maple burl and stabilize the wood is a time consuming process, as it takes 6+ months from harvest to headphone, but we think the results show that’s it’s well worth the time, cost and effort!


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