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[Announcement] Vision Ears VE10 10th Anniversary Edition

Di Anniversary ke-10 ini, Vision Ears akan me-release produk Flagship mereka untuk ketegori VE Line (yang biasa ditujukan untuk Pro Audio).

"At Vision Ears, our relentless pursuit of acoustic excellence has driven us to craft the VE10, a true marvel of audio engineering that embodies a perfect fusion of technology, precision, and artistry.

With the VE10, we've harnessed the power of nine balanced armature drivers and coupled them with a dynamic 8mm driver dedicated to producing the richest, most resounding lows." - Vision Ears

Vision Ears VE-X merupakan Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor dengan spesifikasi (yang sejauh ini kita tahu):

- 9x Balance Armature Driver

- 1x Dynamic Driver 8mm

- Silver Plated 6N OCC Copper, 4-wire 22 AWG

- Aluminum Housing

VE-X perkiraan akan mulai masuk ke Market di bulan Oktober/November 2023 ini.

Untuk perkiraan harga adalah di IDR 45,900,000

We will keep you update with Vision Ears Anniversary news! 😉


Nico BTM

Beyond The Music

STC Senayan

Ground floor no.117-120

Jl. Asia Afrika No.1, Gelora, Jakarta 10270

Call/SMS/WA: 081370009002 / 081370006807



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