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[New Arrival] Ansuz Acoustic Mainz P2 Power Cable

Ansuz Acoustic merupakan company butik High End dari Denmark, yang fokus nya di alat aksesoris Audio seperti Power Cable, Power Distributor, Interconnect Cable, Ethernet Distribution, Resonance Control, dan sejenis nya.

Ansuz Mainz P2 Power Cable ini memiliki spesifikasi:

- Conductors: 4x Shielded Silver Plated Copper Cable

- Ground: 2x Shielded Silver Plated Copper Cable

- Pure Copper with Gold Plating Connector

- Anodized Aluminum Housing

"The Ansuz Mainz P2 power cable adds an even more refined musicality to the soundstage. Bass, midrange and trebles are faster and more precise. A soundstage completely unadulterated by the individual audio system, with instruments and voices that sound warm, natural and balanced." - Ansuz Acoustic

Official Web:

Harga: IDR 28,000,000


BTM Team

Beyond The Music

STC Senayan

Ground floor no.117-120

Jl. Asia Afrika No.1, Gelora, Jakarta 10270

Call/SMS/WA: 081370009002 / 081370006807



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