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[New Arrival] Aroma Audio A100TB dan Aroma PS100 PRO Portable Amplifier

1. Aroma A100TB

Portable Amplifier dari Aroma, menggunakan Topology True Balance dan mempunyai Max Output Power 800mW, bikin A100TB powerful banget buat drive Portable Set Up (Earphone ataupun Portable Headphone).

"The overall circuit architecture maintains the two-stage inverting amplifying structure. First-stage inverting amplifier circuit is responsible for signal gain switching. After that, signals travel to the post-stage inverting power amplifier circuit through the four-channel digital potentiometer, then being output to the headphones." - Aroma Audio

A100TB ini uniknya akan bisa disambungkan ke Dedicated Power Supply dari Aroma juga yaitu PS100, untuk improve di sisi sound quality (Cleaner Black Background, body suara lebih solid dan soundstage lebih luas).

Harga: IDR 12,000,000

2. Aroma Power Station PS100

Dedicated Power Supply untuk A100TB. Mempunyai spesifikasi:

- Output Voltage: ± 15V

- Battery Capacity: 37Wh

- Charge: 9V 1.5A

Harga: IDR 5,600,000

Untuk saat ini line up Aroma Audio hanya by Pre Order only, jadi buat teman-teman yang mau request item Aroma bisa langsung ke Beyond The Music!


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