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[New Arrival] The Newest ABYSS Diana DZ Plannar Headphone

Based New York, USA, Abyss merupakan Boutique Company specialist di High End Headphone, dengan "Latest Evolution" mereka adalah Diana DZ!

ABYSS Diana DZ mempunyai spesifikasi:

- 63mm Planar Magnetic Headphone with Patented Technology from ABYSS

- 50 Ohm / 92dB Sensitivity

- The Thinnest and Lightest Boutique Headphone (315 gram)

- CNC Machine Aluminum Housing

- Come with The Newest "Pillow Top“ Earpad, dengan material Hybrid Leather dan Suede

- Magnetic Headband

- New Sling Headband System

- Portable Hardcase

"Diana DZ has beautiful imaging and realism to sound, like opening a larger window to the music with a big soundstage, micro detail, and depth."

"A newly developed 63 mm ABYSS planar speaker driver with 50 ohm impedance offers the highest resolution of any Diana model. "

- ABYSS Headphone

Official Web:

ABYSS Diana DZ punya karakter suara Balance-Warm, Liquid Smooth Presentation dengan Micro Detail yang bersih, Attack Notes yang solid, dengan Speed yang gesit, Wide Spacious Soundstage dengan Struktur Imaging yang akurat.

Highly Natural, Full Body and "Butter Smooth" Vocality dikombinasikan dengan Fast, Tight and Deep Bass Extension, dan punya Treble yang bersih dan akurat, namun jauh dari kata kasar.

Harga: IDR 67,000,000

Buat teman-teman yang mau audisi cobain langsung seri terbaru ABYSS Diana DZ ini pastinya bisa di Beyond The Music!


BTM Team

Beyond The Music

STC Senayan

Ground floor no.117-120

Jl. Asia Afrika No.1, Gelora, Jakarta 10270

Call/SMS/WA: 081370009002 / 081370006807



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