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[New Arrival] ZMF Stabilize Wood Headphone

List Item:

- ZMF Verite Stabilize Wood

- ZMF Verite Closed Stabilize Wood

ZMF Stabilize Wood is Back!

Craftsmanship special dari Perusahaan butik headphone di Amerika yang fokus bikin Headphone dari kayu, dengan finishing exotic yaitu Stabilize process.

From Zach (Owner ZMF):

Stabilized wood is a magical entity. The wood we used for this special run started its life as a maple tree that unfortunately acquired an infection.

This creates abnormally beautiful wood, but also wood that has figuring, voids, and gaps. These burls can be seen to the naked eye, and cut off the tree while allowing the rest of the tree to grow healthily. Once harvested though, all these voids can make the wood hard to use without stabilization.

All this work to procure maple burl and stabilize the wood is a time consuming process, as it takes 6+ months from harvest to headphone, but we think the results show that’s it’s well worth the time, cost and effort!

Tiap design Stabilize Wood akan unik, dan tidak akan ada design yang sama tiap unit nya.

Verite sebagai Flagship Dynamic Driver dari ZMF menggunakan Beryllium Driver Composite, yang mengutamakan sensasi musical, organic, namun dengan clear detail dan speed yang bening dan lincah (benefit dari Beryllium material).

"Ultra-thin PEN driver vapor deposed with 20% Beryllium by thickness. This process yields a stiff driver that delivers ultra fast, planar-like sound, with dynamic punch and natural timbre." - ZMF

Verite Closed Stabilize saat ini dianggap sebagai salah satu Closed Back Headphone high end terbaik di market.

Official Web:

Harga: IDR 47,000,000 (Ready Stock)

Untuk yang mau liat dan cek langsung Verite Stabilize Wood ini, pastinya hanya di Beyond The Music!


BTM Team

Beyond The Music

STC Senayan

Ground floor no.117-120

Jl. Asia Afrika No.1, Gelora, Jakarta 10270

Call/SMS/WA: 081370009002 / 081370006807

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