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[New Arrival] ZMF Caldera Stabilize Wood Headphone

The Flagship Planar Magnetic ZMF Caldera, with "Special" Stabilize Wood finishing!

1. ZMF Caldera Blue/Purple Stabilize Wood

2. ZMF Caldera Blue Stabilize Wood

Di batch kali ini juga menjadi seri pertama Stabilize Wood yang masuk ke Indonesia (Stabilize Wood hanya dijual dengan jumlah sangat limited, dan hanya bisa diorder 2x dalam setahun).

Stabilize Process:

"Stabilized wood is a magical entity. The wood we used for this special run started its life as a maple tree that unfortunately acquired an infection.

All this work to procure maple burl and stabilize the wood is a time consuming process, as it takes 6+ months from harvest to headphone, but we think the results show that’s it’s well worth the time, cost and effort!"

- Zach Mehrbach (Founder ZMF Headphone)

Untuk design Stabilize Wood akan selalu unik, dan tidak akan ada design yang sama tiap unit nya.

ZMF Caldera sendiri adalah "The Pinnacle" dari headphone ZMF, menggunakan Planar Driver yang dituning dengan House Sound ala ZMF: Natural, Organic, Musical, Lively with Clean Detail and Accurate Imaging Quality.

Harga: IDR 64,000,000

Buat teman-teman yang mau audisi cobain ZMF Caldera ini pastinya bisa langsung di Beyond The Music!

P.S: ZMF Caldera is One of The Most "Satisfying" Headphone to listen to in our book, and simply One of Our Most Favourite Full Size in today's market!


BTM Team

Beyond The Music

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Jl. Asia Afrika No.1, Gelora, Jakarta 10270

Call/SMS/WA: 081370009002

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